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Switzerland 2007

Photos from my 2007 trip to the beautiful country that is Switzerland.

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We took the train to Wengen via Luzern, and stopped off for lunch and to have a very quick wander around.

Luzern - Interlaken

A few shots taken from the train on the way from Luzern to Interlaken - a beautiful journey.


On our first full day, we went to collect our passes and were informed that it was the last nice day in a while, and that we should probably take advantage of it and see Jungfraujoch right away. Knowing how much the weather up there makes a difference, I agreed that we should head straight up there, so we ran back to the hotel, grabbed our stuff and went. It was beautiful - though we spent the next few days wishing we'd put the sun cream on a bit sooner!

Kleine Scheidegg - Manlichen

After the trip to the Jungfraujoch, we did our first walk of the trip - from Kleine Scheidegg to the Manlichen cable car station, to get the cable car back down the Wengen.

The Eiger Trail

This is the hardest walk on the map we had, and it was a tad crazy to try it on the second day; that said, we'd handled the walk the day before with ease. We also wanted to get it in before the weather took a turn for the worst, as we'd been warned it would. The walk was a major challenge and I would only recommend it if you're in good shape, but we still completed it over 20 minutes ahead of schedule, and we'd stopped for lunch along the way too! The weather started off fine, but got gradually worse until we found ourselves walking in the rain.

Eigergletscher - Kleine Scheidegg

After a few moments at Eigergletscher to recover from the Eiger Trail, we decided to walk down to Kleine Scheidegg. The best bit was seeing the cute huskie dog puppies. The worst bit was when I fell on my ass in the mud!

Manlichen - Kleine Scheidegg In Snow

One morning we awoke to snow on the Manlichen. We went up there and, on discovering the paths were clear, did the walk to Kleine Scheidegg. It's quite a different walk in the snow!


On the first day of good weather after the few bad days, we decided to make our trip to Schiltorn. The first couple of photos are from along the way there. As we got towards the Schiltorn cable car, the weather was worsening, and by the time we got up there the view was amazing, but somewhat restricted. It got worse as we stayed up there, so at least we saw something; it's nothing on what it's like on a clear day, though.

Murren - Stechelberg - Lauterbrunnen

After coming down from the Schiltorn, we walked from Murren down into the valley to Stechelberg, and then through the valley to Lauterbrunnen.

First - Schynige Platte

This six-hour walk starts at First, past the beautiful Lake Bachalpsee, up and over a mountain and then through the snow (at least, when we did it) towards the Schynige Platte. The last hour and a half are in the Schynige Platte area itself. A long, but beautiful high alpine trek.

Eigergletscher - Wengen

Rather than going via Kleine Scheidegg and down to Wengen, which would have been two walks we had previously done stuck together, we took the alternative path that goes out along a ridge for a while and down into the valley, with views of Kleine Scheidegg in the distance. It later joined the path we'd walked the before, but we took another alternate route, this time through Interwengen.

Waldspitz - Bussalp

Our final walk was from Waldspitz to Bussalp. Thanks to the heat and a rather intense uphill climb, it took us a bit longer than the signposts suggested - at one state we feared we were going the wrong way! It turned out we were on the right path though, and despite arriving completely worn out there had been some nice views along the way.


A few pictures of Wengen, the village we were staying in, taken over our time there.

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