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Personal Details

Name: Jonathan Worthington BA (Hons) Cantab.

Date Of Birth: 26th January 1985

Nationality: British

Marital Status: Married

Languages: English (native), Russian (awful), and a handful of useful words in lots of others

About Me

I started programming when I was eight years old. A couple of decades later, my interest in the computing field is at an all time high. My current areas of interest include multi-paradigm programming languages, Domain Driven Design, compilers, virtual machines, concurrent and asynchronous programming, the implementation of object-orientation (including meta-object programing) and gradual typing. Besides being a competent programmer and architect, I am also experienced in teaching topics in software design and development. I have spoken at a many conferences and workshops also.



Work History

This is a selection of some of the companies I have worked for and projects I have worked on, either freelance or as an employee.

Speaking Experience

I've delivered well over a hundred talks at conferences and workshops, stretching from Portland, Oregon in the west to Tokyo in the east, from well known cities such as London and Beijing to places a little more off the beaten track, such as Vladivostok. I have a strong track record of making difficult topics accessible, and delivering well prepared, energetic and entertaining talks.

Other Notable Experience


I'm a serial traveler, reaching up towards having visited forty countries. I love walking amongst mountains and other beautiful scenery, the Swiss Alps being one of my favourite places to indulge in this activity. For three years I was a co-organiser and leader of my local church's childrens summer club. I enjoy music from a range of genres, though these days am most into progressive rock and metal. Occasionally, I produce music too. Indian curry is my favorite food; green tea and imperial stout are my favorite drinks.


Available on request. Or just find somebody who went to one of my classes or talks and ask what they thought!

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