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Electronica I've Written/Produced

Here you can find some tunes I've written and/or produced (the distinction being for those I wrote I generated the samples and loops I used, and those I produced were made from a range of existing royalty free samples that I laid my hands on). You might like them, you might hate them. I'm still not sure what I think of them. :-) Note that they are all electronica of some form and wordless. If you're curious what happens when I write lyrics, take a look at some of the Christian worship songs I've worked on. In fact, that's where all my most recent work is.

Upbeat, recent-ish stuff I've produced

Starting Point
Starts off with some simple textures, then builds up slowly before entering a central breakdown where a trance-like riff is introduced. I think this is one of the better songs I've produced.

Pretty simple with a harder lead riff. Probably too simple.

Produced around the same time as Starting Point, but somewhat deeper and with less of a build up.

Chilled out, recent-ish stuff I've produced

A gentle acoustic guitar line punctuated with darker sounds towards the middle of the song. And if you're looking at the title of this and thinking about the darkness in the middle of the song and wondering if it has anything to do with the crucifiction, then you might just be onto something...

Distorted Beauty
Mostly gentle textures and beats with some harder sounds in the breakdown. I'm not quite sure what I was thinking when I gave this piece its name. Certainly the middle section has a "something gone wrong" kinda feeling. It was produced at vaguely the same time as Sacrifice.

A Day
An interleaving of fairly simple samples produces a fairly simple song. And perhaps a boring one, but it's here anyway.

Stuff I wrote and produced a while back

A pretty bog standard trance tune with a break beat section, as was popular around the time this was written. Coulda been produced a bit better.

Almost Funky
This one started out after I managed to come up with a piano hook that I just had to use. I remember being quite pleased with this when I'd finished work on it, and just how much work it actually took to get it to that stage. Now I'm not so sure - I certainly still like it in part.

This is a lot harder, dirtier and darker than any of the others here. The bass line has heaps of distortion. In fact, the whole thing sounds like it does now, so it's quite a muddy sound.

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