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The Virtual Machine Guide

One of my areas of interest is the use of virtual machines as targets for high level language compilers. This area of the site is a collection of stuff that relates to that field.

My BA Dissertation Project

I have completed a degree in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge's Computer Lab. My final year dissertation project was on the subject of bytecode translation between virtual machines; specifically, I was investigating the translation of .NET CLI bytecode into Parrot bytecode. I wanted to determine whether this is a good way to get interoperability between virtual machines, or whether we'd have been better off just embedding a .NET interpreter into an extension to Parrot. As that explanation made no sense at all to anyone who didn't know the field or at least know it exists (that is, many of my friends), I wrote a plain English explanation of what it's all about.

The VM Glossary

Or dictionary? Who knows. There's loads of fun terminology in the VM field, so I put together a list of some of it along with explanations that might even make sense.

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