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Worship Songs

I started writing worship songs when I was involved with children's work. This was between 2001 and 2003, then I vanished to university and God called me to other stuff during my time there. However, I kept on writing the songs, using them at kids clubs I've led and while dropping in on the groups when I'm back home. They are here so anyone else looking for contempary-ish music to use with children or youth might also use them, should they happen to think they're any good. Oh yeah, and a note. I can't sing at all. So these are all kinda rapped or chanted. :-)

The Songs

A song about some of the properties of God and how we should seek to imitate Christ. Brand new, not yet used.

Talking In Tongues
A song about the coming of the holy spirit, with the lyrics lifted pretty directly from Acts 2. Pretty new, not really used much.

We Cry Out
A song praising our faithful God for who He is, and recalling how we can cry out to Him when we need to feel His touch, and how we can do so with confidence! Used this one lots of times - it seems to work well.

The Trinity
A fairly simple song about the trinity, giving a verse to each one. Seems to work fairly well.

By Faith
All about how we are saved by faith and not by works. At the time of writing, only ever used it once, but it worked better than I expected.

You Are
This is one of the first songs I wrote, and I guess it might be catchy given that everyone seems to remember it really well. It's inspired by Ecclesiastes 3.

Originally written for a summer club, I dragged this out of the archive, liked it and decided it's one to keep on with. It potrays living as a Christian as a journey.

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