My Photography

Since birth, I've had rather poor eyesight. It's the result of a genetic condition that causes insufficient pigmentation in the retina. The result is that a bunch of the rods and cones don't work, leaving me with low-resolution vision. It's quite different from being short-sighted, which would be fixable with glasses or lasers. Many people ask me how I appreciate, for instance, the Alps, when the mountains are in the distance. The answer is that I can see mountains in the distance - just in less detail than most people.

Therefore, photography serves a very practical purpose for me. Besides the enjoyment I get from composing photos in the first place, photography also enables me to appreciate details that ordinarily would not be visible to me. I take photos not only to help me remember the places I've been, but also to help me appreciate them in ways that my eyes alone will not allow.

In this part of the site, I share my photography with the world. The photos are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. In short: if you use them for something give credit, and if you build upon them allow others to build upon your work too.

Featured Collections

This section collects together some of my favorite photos from various recent travels.


I'm still working on getting my photos archive moved over to this re-designed site. In the meantime, it's possible to view the existing archive.